Hollywood, The Derby and Minnesota

Gary Stevens

Retired jockey Gary Stevens will once again be appearing on the Kentucky Derby pre-show this year. Although many may not have heard of his three-time Derby winning career, a lot of people still recognize him from his starring stint in the movie Seabiscuit. Stevens played George “Iceman” Woolfe, aka, the guy who takes over for Red Pollard (Tobey McGuire) in the match race scene after Pollard/McGuire gets hurt.

What even fewer people know, is that Stevens is the younger brother to Scott Ste

vens, jockey at Minnesota’s Canterbury Park. It’s a fun Hollywood tie I like to let others in on.

Scott Stevens is just as accomplished, and still riding. He holds the Canterbury record for most starts (5,710), and is just seven wins behind Derek Bell, the all-time winningest jockey there.

Stevens is an incredible jockey, and an all-around nice guy. He was my favorite to watch and every once in awhile, will still ride a Quarter Horse. In fact, he has ridden some of our horses. Both Scott and Gary learned to ride on the

Scott Stevens

Quarter Horses and eventually moved to Thoroughbreds.

Last July, the then 49-year-old Scott, was airlifted from the track to North Memorial Hospital in Robbinsdale, Minn. after suffering multiple injuries during a ride in the sixth race. Although he was initially listed as in critical condition, Scott rallied was eventually released.

Although he has batted around the idea of retirement in the media, all on the backside of Canterbury are hoping he returns this year, once again.

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