All the pretty … hats

I love the Kentucky Derby, I do. It’s the one day of the year even non-racing fans generally have an interest in and are excited about horse racing. But I’ll be honest: For me, the fun of the day is less about the race and more about the fashion.

…  And the party  …OK, and probably the drink.

Mint julep anyone?

Don’t get me wrong, I love watching as whomever I can pull along to a Derby-party buttons their lip and lights up their eyes when the gates pop open. (It never fails: a racing fan is almost always born at that moment.) In the meantime, I love seeing the hats of Derby Day. From the infield to the winner’s circle, there are so many creative, beautiful and fashion-forward creations to see.

I’m a hat person anyway. Although I no longer own a cowboy hat (they were thrown out by my teens, and now my dad has enough of those to keep up the family quota), I do have nearly all other types of hats, from baseball hats to fedoras and a few J-Loesque embarrassments in between.

Although it might be too late to order a custom-made chapeau in time for tomorrow’s festivities, it’s not too late to make your own haute headdress.

You can always check out vintage or thrift stores for hats. Otherwise make your own. Target and Walmart, along with other big-name retailers have spring and summer hats out. Start there for a base hat, and then the possibilities are endless with accessories from the crafts department. Feathers and flowers are probably the two most popular add-ons. I’ve found that Hobby Lobby often has hat-specific accessories.

I haven’t gotten this year’s hat fully finished, but I’d love to see any of your hats! Send em in and we’ll post them up.

Post time for the 2013 Kentucky Derby is 5:24 p.m. Saturday.